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Chocolate, coffee and beer

Note: This site was originally created in 2018. It is periodicly being updated to include more recent information and research.

In June 2015, The Guardian published an article called No more beer, chocolate or coffee: how climate change could ruin your weekend. It explained how climate change could eliminate chocolate, beer and coffee from our diets.

It struck me that if there was no/very limited chocolate or beer or coffee, it would ruin more than your weekend.

  • If you are a coffee aficionado, imagine if you couldn't get your fix to wake you up in the morning or pick you up through the day.
  • If you like a brew, no long cold one to wet your throat, no comforting pint with your mates down the pub.
  • And for the chocoholics - no sitting on the couch with a box of choccies. No boxes of chocolates as universally acceptable presents. No brownies or lammingtons. No delicious hot chocolate drinks or a delicious cold chocolate icecream.

Life would be miserable without these these foodstuffs to look forward to. But that is exactly where we are going if climate change is allowed to continue unchecked, if we keep burning coal, oil and gas, keep making other species extinct and pouring toxic chemicals into our water and our air.

What I am trying to do here is explain the threat to each of these commodities, and present some alternative actions we can take if we feel like life is not worth living with our particular pleasures.